We Are Bodyband

Welcome to Bodyband

We are a small team of fitness fanatics that believe that a sound body and mind is key to success in life. Without an uber-fit body and calm mind, its harder to achieve success in whatever form you desire.

It All Begins With Taking
Care of Oneself

‘Be’lief In ‘YOU’rself is our mantra. And to help you achieve greatness, we help to create remarkable fitness and wellness products that nudge you every day. Without an ax, you can’t cut a tree. Similarly, without great fitness gear, you cant achieve what you set out to do.


Our greatest asset is understanding the importance of Time. You would give back anything to get back time yet be fit on your watch. Agree? We thought so.

Made With your Best Interest
In Our Minds

Hence, made with your best interests on our minds, our products are aimed at those who are yet to discover the magic of simple and easily accessible methods for day-to-day health management, on your own watch. Anywhere and anytime.


We deliver beautiful anywhere-anytime fitness and wellness products both for beginners &  experienced professionals.


Enjoy Bodyband. 

Fitness. Anywhere. Anytime.